Today I want to discuss 3 questions we often deal with from people wanting to sell their home.

Is there a best time of the year to sell my home?

Although homes sell year-round, the “BEST” time to sell depends on several factors. If your need is for speed, list your your in the winter! Surprised?

Let me explain.

Homes for sale in winter have a 9% better chance of selling – they sell 1 week faster than during the other 3 seasons, and they generally bring in more money. Colder Weather, Hotter Sales.

These statistics apply to all regions of the country, from the frigid Northeast to the balmy Wiakiki.

By the time November rolls around, home sales tend to decrease by about 8%. By January, we normally see another 19% decrease!

This makes sense because of the media constantly harping on how winter is such a horrible time to sell – the landscaping isn’t as appealing – the weather is tougher to navigate because of cold – rain – snow -ice, etc.

So the homeowner will ride out winter and wait until spring to list their home.

This leave the winter seller with less competition and, the winter buyers are generally more motivated than those who shop during other seasons, having less competition in the market is a good thing.

The NEXT best time to sell is the fall because buyers want in by Thanksgiving, then through the December holidays and New Years – weather is still conductive to house hunting.
If you love competition, list your home during the busiest season from May through August.

2. How will the agent determine what our list price should be?

1st of all, the agent will not determine what your list price should be. We can calculate your homes current market value based on Carefully studying the recent sales figures and looking at pending listings along with available comparable homes. Just to get an estimate of where the market might be heading.

After comparing homes, analyzing the current market condition and crunching the numbers, we’ll arrive at what we feel is the current market value of your home. Ultimately, however, the homeowner will determine the listing price and terms.

3. How long will it take to sell my home?

Wouldn’t we all like to know!!

This is also a very frequent question we are asked and it is a tough one to answer. There are many variables to consider, including the state of the housing market, your list price, the marketing plan, and the uniqueness of your home.

We will calculate the absorption rate at the time of your listing and continue monthly calculating until your home is sold. This is a very reliable way fo determining how long it will take to sell your home. But it is still no guarantee –

Now these are only 3 questions you may have but there is so much more to consider when wanting to sell your home. So please contact me with all of your questions and I will be happy to answer all that I can – My name is Norma Jean Opatik and I am the Owner/Broker of Realty Executives In Action here in Pahrump – See you next time!

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